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Rates and Policy


$475 - 2 looks + 2 retouched images 

$550- 3 looks + 3 retouched images 

$700- Deluxe Package (4-6 looks) - 3 retouched images

** All packages come with an online gallery with downloadable proofs**


This is great for artist looking to build more material for a website, Instagram, modeling portfolio as well as actor headshots. This package is all inclusive. For 3 hours we will work to build content that can help elevate you to the next level. We will have opportunity to work both in studio, outdoors and on location depending on what your needs are. I am constantly working with artists, musicians and models and really work to find the right edge that is best for you. 

Before the shoot: 

We will decide on the perfect date and time for you. Once we have, there is a $150 NON REFUNDABLE deposit required to book and add a date to my calendar. Deposits and well as shoot payment are payable to @anthony-chatmon (Venmo) -or- Online banking using my telephone number or email. The remainder of the payment will be made on the day of the shoot (cash, check, venmo or EFT). 

The shoot options: (Based on NYC locations. Los Angeles depends on where i staying at the time)

In studio at my apartment in West Harlem. It’s a much more intimate experience. We’ll play music and try to find the perfect vibe for an incredible shoot. I have a variety of lights and backdrops to help us get the most captivating photo. 

  • or -

on location outdoor either near Canal street, UWS or Harlem. This is where the action is. It’s exciting shooting out in the world. I have a few areas that really make for an exciting photo and I will usually discover more that are more specific for you as we shoot. 

*Only Deluxe and L&P packages may choose to shoot both interior and exterior shots. 


Headshot make up is very specific, so having someone who knows how to smooth and shape the face for the camera is important. I work with a few make-up artist whom I trust and know my work. If you are interested in make-up options, I can send you more information. 

Full Makeup starts at $200 

Partial Makeup/ Grooming starts at $150

After the shoot:

I will send a link with all of your photos within one week of our shoot on a highly interactive website called PIXIESET. Feel free to use the site's features to create a favorites album so you can send to your reps, friends and family. Once you have chosen your final photos I can provide you with a basic retouch (exposure, color correction, removal of stray hairs, blemishes, dark circles, whiten teeth) this may already come in your package or you can order retouched images a Ia carte. You will receive the retouched photo within 7-10 days after the request is made (If you order more than 3 images and additional week may be required to fulfill more images, per set of 3) 

Retouched photos are $40 a photo. 

Advanced retouching (changing background color, body morphing, changing shirt color, etc) are $75 a photo. 

 ***Retouch choices, included in packages, must be made within 30 DAYS after proofs are sent, otherwise $40 fee will be applied for all photos. 


48 hour retouches- $60 

48 hour Gallery- $50

Cancellation/Rescheduling policy: 

I require a 48 hour notice to cancel/reschedule all shoots or you will forfeit your deposit. If you need to cancel before 48 hours of your shoot, you will be able to reschedule once without an additional fee within 45 days of your original shoot day. If you need to cancel and reschedule an additional time you will have to put down a new deposit. 

If you are looking to book a shoot please email me with the time frame you are looking to shoot and I will get back to you ASAP on options if I have time available. Let me know if you have any additional questions. Looking forward to working with you!


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Anthony Chatmon Photography 

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